Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cedar Breaks

After we left Bryce Canyon we went back along Rte 12 to US 89.
Oh yeah, had lunch-fried chicken and cherry pie!
Turned left and drove up to Utah 143, or perhaps it was a county road who knows?
Many signs on this paved road about how it wasn't suitable for vehicles over a certain weight or length.
I don't really know how long or how much weight my truck carries but I was pretty sure they meant bigger than a pickup!
The one that would worry me the most was the "No snowplowing after dark" and one that left me feeling like they might not get around to plowing at all!
Happily, it was a beautiful day and no flakes fell from the sky!
We drove past beautiful mountain lakes, without a single waterfowl in sight.
Hum, guess they've all gone south for the winter.
Through wide meadows.
Beside Aspen grove.
Beside more of the Black Rock Desert.
Through a very large flock of sheep-on both sides of the road,
sometimes ON the road-wonder when they bring them down from the high country
Some cattle still up there as well.
Again you don't feel as if you are doing any real climbing
but in the back of your mind is still that very large hill you drove up!
Knowing at some point you really have to go down.
You turn into Cedar Breaks Monument and drive some more
without really seeing anything but trees.
Finally, there's a pull off.
And walking out you see what is called The Amphitheater.
Bowl shaped.

The two photos are of the amphitheater.
Then you go on to the Visitor's Center.
By this time I'd driven more miles than I wanted to think about,
was so tired I really didn't care
and still had that big hill to go down!

On the way down that hill I saw the breaks from the bottom!
No place to stop and take a picture-dang it!
I have on more than one occasion this trip wished for a Dash-Cam!
I see amazing things and don't have the opportunity to take pictures.

Finally, we arrived back in Cedar City.
Fell into bed about 8pm!


a good yarn said...

I'd love to eat cherry pie in the States. Magnificent vistas and more sheep than I expected.

Chookyblue...... said...

loving the scenery...........