Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Different Forest

Did you notice?  I got the Moon!

Quinn and I took a drive, part of it was a dirt road adventure!
We left our RV Park and headed west to Tucson Mountain District of Saguaro National Park.
The park is in two sections one on each side of Tucson.
It was a gorgeous drive up the Gates Pass road through Tucson Mountain County Park.
Lots of Saguaro along the way.
The Saguaro is the largest cactus in the U.S. Standing up to 30 feet tall.
On the way up I had the thought (I know strange-I had a thought!).
What I was looking at was a forest. 
A forest of Saguaro.
A forest where each "tree" was totally visible.
See what I mean?

The cactus grow clear up to the top of the mountains-check out the right hand edge of this photo and you'll see some standing against the sky.
Six species of rattlesnakes live in this forest!

This is how the arms start!

The tree in front of the saguaro is a Palo Verde, literally the Green Tree.
It has the greenest bark I have ever seen and tiny-I mean really tiny leaves!
It is the state tree of Arizona and acts as a nurse tree for saguaro cactus by creating shade.

The mountains in the distance. From our dirt road adventure.
The mountains here aren't really in ranges they just sort of Pop here and there!

This wasn't a really long trip and we started early as the daytime high temperatures here are still in the 90's.
So after dropping Quinn off at the trailer I visited a Quilt shop, of course!
Bought a few fat quarters then went to a yarn store where I finally found the needles I needed for the knitting project I bought in Dillon!

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Beautiful scenic shots! So different from my part of the country, thus very interesting! : )