Friday, April 1, 2016

A shopping expedition!

After the truck had it's tires moved around and it's oil changed (and the check engine light turned off-yep I didn't get the gas cap on tight again) I headed west for the Bernina store.

I would love to have a Bernina 550QE!  That said, I'm having a hard time justifying the $4,000.00 price tag.  I'm thinking on it-I may be thinking on it for a good long while.  I could manage the cost I'm just not sure I want to.

After drooling over sewing machines I went to IKEA.  I wanted some metal plates they have for Ceili-I plan to fit them inside the doors by the kitchen and put spices into magnetic containers to be stored there.  In a small trailer you have to use every inch.  Anyway, the plates they have are, I think, too wide.  Guess I'll have to hit the hardware store and have some cut to fit once I get Ceili out of storage.  I did get some more wooden hangers-wow big purchase.

Hit and miss rain all day, no mention of it in the forecast this morning!  Cold.  It's to be warmer tomorrow which is a good thing as I get to be a Soccer Granna again-Brayden has a game!


a good yarn said...

The Bernina 550QE is a nice machine but the price is steep! You sometimes wonder if you'll get your money's worth but it would be lovely to sew with. I think you did very well to come out of IKEA with only some hangers. The overpowering fumes from the formaldehyde or bromide, whatever is used to treat everything for bugs before its allowed into the country, plays havoc with my asthma. I did rather fancy some fabric I saw on their website but there was none in the store I visited. Pity as it would have made a nice table cloth. I have an unusual table - long and skinny so not a standard size. When I can find a tablecloth in the stores it's usually too long enough and too wide. I can't bring myself to cut it down.

Chookyblue...... said...

one day i'll get to IKEA............I love my machine with in a certain price frame......... but I was not prepared to spend that much money..........