Sunday, April 10, 2016

Of Ethan and Panic!

On Friday, I nearly had a panic attack!  
My mind was going 90 mph with things that needed to be done-by me.
I didn't get a single thing done.

That night I had Ethan while everyone else went to the Royals game.
We went to IHOP!
Where he ordered this (Nora always orders this as well!)

And a squeeze tube of applesauce!  
He was quite determined to get that applesauce!
After eating we went to Rob and Tanya's to deliver a saw,
he likes playing with their toys-new, you know.
Then we went to his house.
It was nearly time for him to sleep.
Sometimes, he goes right down
 but Friday I had to sit in the hall and read for a while before he crashed.

After I was sure he was out for the count I took a spiral
notebook and wrote down everything I needed to do.
It took three pages.
I've added to the list since!
A funny thing happened.
Even though I have a lot of things I need to do
I am much calmer seeing it on paper!

Yesterday and today I managed to cross off some of those things as
Some others (leaves) are mostly done.

As a reward I'm going to go sew.

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a good yarn said...

Is that pancakes? I so want to visit the States and eat pancakes, pie, waffles, funnel cake and have a hot dog at the baseball. I'm sure they all taste completely different than here! You might have written three pages of things to do but at least now you can see what needs to be done and start getting things done.