Friday, April 22, 2016


Not my favorite thing.
Also clothes shopping gives me sticker shock.
But I spent several hours at it today.
Went to two places trying to get new locks for cover on the truck.
No luck, sigh.
Went to a couple of places looking for metal canisters for Ceili.
No luck.
Went to Sears to show Charles my tires.
He wasn't there.
Went to Marshall's clothing shopping.
Bought 3 new tops!
If you guess that they are blue you would be two-thirds correct!
Went to Shoe carnival looking for multiple kinds of shoes.
Left without any.
Then I went to Costco.
As usual I spent more money than I thought I would.
Then I came home and vegged out.
Sadly, due to all the no luck above I have to go shopping more.

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a good yarn said...

Isn't it frustrating! Stores no longer keep a full stock, staff are no longer knowledgable about the stock or even where to find it and the quality no longer matches the price. A chap on the radio here told listeners about visiting a reputable camera shop to purchase a battery for his camera. Not in stock and a 4-6 week wait. He went home and ordered one online from New York, which took four days to arrive. I know you can't buy everything online but retail sales in Australia have risen by only 0.01% and it's no surprise. I visited one of our major department stores (we only have two) and four out of five Pay Stations were unattended on the floor. Not the staff's fault but management of course who are attempting to save money. Many stores have taken to not turning on the air conditioning, making conditions during our long, hot summer rather unpleasant especially for the staff who have to work there.