Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's Blooming!

Thought I'd let you see what is in bloom at my house!

Violets!  Tons and tons of violets!  
I don't treat my lawn for anything-weeds, bugs, etc.-as I have a
slight chemical sensitivity.  Once got Pneumonia from mowing a lawn
that had been treated with weed and feed!  I've not done it since. 
Used chemicals- I mow nearly every week.
Plus, I don't think it's good for Quinn.  
Last but most importantly, it is really bad for the environment. 
When the lawn companies come calling about all my "Weeds" I simply say
"Yes and they are all green!  Biodiversity is a good thing."
Off topic there, sorry.
The point is that because I don't treat I have tons of violets blooming in the grass!
Purple violets, and yellow dandylions very cheerful!

Next up! Bleeding hearts.
My Mother loved these as do I.  They are quite charming and old-fashioned.
And soon gone.

For the first time I have Forget Me Nots!
So tiny and sweet.

The last two I'm not sure of.  
The blueish lavender on the top is some ground cover I bought years ago.
That name is way gone from the memory banks.
The last one might be mudwort or speedwell.
Just because I don't know their names does not mean that I do not enjoy seeing them!

Soon the lilacs will be in bloom!

In other news,
The boys in blue are back!  
Baseball is back!
Forever Royal!

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a good yarn said...

Seeing those blooms lift the spirit. My poor garden is looking haggard after the never-ending summer.