Friday, January 26, 2018

Progress Report

First Up,
Ryan's Trip.
Coming along nicely 
I'm liking it more and more which each additional group of strips.

I'd hoped that Ethan's Trip would be finished but not quite.
all the quilting is done.
The binding is cut.
So, just need to finish making binding 
Sew it on, and stitch it down.

On other fronts.
I've nearly finished the house cleaning/purge for now.
Except for the garage
that will have to wait for warmer weather.

I've been scanning paper photos 
onto the computer.
Only 15 minutes each day
but soon it will be done.
Well, soon in the cosmic sense,
who knows how long in days.
I have plans for all those digitized photos-more later.

I got an Ancestry membership for Christmas. 
( DNA kit too!)
I've managed to play around a bit each day.
I figured out how to use the little TV as a second monitor!
So I can look at two things at once.
Then I finally got the newest version of Family Tree Maker 
to work. 
Turns out I have to open that version-
who ever heard of an upgrade that didn't over-write the old?
I'm hoping to get my excitement about research up and running again.

See you tomorrow with the RSC blues!


Maria said...

Lovel,y the way the quilt top is coming along...
You sure have been busy . Much more tech savvy than me...

Chookyblue...... said...

love the blue and green.............I've been digging in family history also..........