Monday, October 10, 2016

Where am I now?

So, now that you been told all the fun stuff in Utah how about you hear what's happened since?
I left Cedar City, UT in the morning wearing a shirt and warm sweater as it was 30 degrees.  My hands took a long time getting warm from hooking up!  Hit the Interstate headed for Las Vegas, NV.
The only remarkable thing about that is the Virgin River Canyon which is actually in Arizona.
I think I might have mentioned, once or twice, my aversion to pulling the trailer in heavy wind.  There wasn't a big wind on moving day but there were all these signs about heavy crosswinds in the canyon-anticipation can be exhausting!  In Nevada there are mountains, all around.  Nearly bare of vegetation and only scrub in the valleys between.  One thing though, without vegetation the layers of sedimentary rock are quite visible and they are all at an angle from Tectonic plate shifts.
I really try to find things that are interesting but it's a challenge in the desert!

We arrive in Las Vegas in the early afternoon, our campground just to the south of Nellis Air Force base and the Thunderbirds are practicing which reminded me of Larry and all the open houses on the bases where he was stationed. One thing about being near an AF base is that it is really noisy during the day! But very quiet on the weekends and at night-one or two planes might land or take off but it you hear a lot of planes being scrambled you'd better get up and see what's happening! It was 80 degrees, we hadn't seen 80 degrees in a really long time!  Quinn is not happy!

I'm not a gambler-not opposed to it necessarily, I just find it boring-so the three days were spent finding dog parks (to run those little sheltie legs) and quilt shops.  The campground had a dog washing station so Quinn got a bath and a good brushing before we headed out on the next leg of the trip.

We left Las Vegas Sunday morning at 9:30am.  I got on the interstate and stayed in the right hand lane as I'm slower than the cars.  I never changed lanes but when we got out of Vegas I was in the far LEFT-HAND lane!  Traffic was horrible-all the way to Yerma, CA where we are parked now.  Nothing to do here except read, do laundry etc until we move to San Diego on Wednesday.

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a good yarn said...

It all makes for interesting reading as I imagine you tootling along, the vistas changing. Does Quinn like her baths?