Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Playing Catchup, Again!

I've been in San Diego, CA for 6 days with this girl and her parents!
We were busy, busy, busy!
So to catch up.
We spent three nights in Yerma, CA doing not much of anything.
I did go to the outlet mall but didn't buy a thing.
Always wonder why I bother, I'm not a Coach girl or any other big name brand for that matter.
Then we drove to San Diego.
That requires driving around Los Angeles, not through for which I am grateful as just driving around wasn't fun and I will not do it again.
Also, air quality was horrible and I'm sure I drove through smoke from a big fire!
I really can not imagine why anyone would live there!

To encapsulate the rest of the week:
we dined out, a lot!
Quinn and I went to the dog beach, twice.
 We would have gone more but there were high tide warnings.

She does love the sand.

That's her, the smallish one in the middle!  
She isn't fond of getting wet.
She got sideswiped by a wave once and there was sheer terror on her face!
The second time she willingly got her feet wet but mostly ran on shore while the other dogs ran in the water!

I walked on the beach with Steve, Candice, Nora and Tina after dark at La Jolla Shores.
I always try to make it down there.

Looking east.
We drove up to Julian for apple pie!  
Then back through the National Forest.
We took a little hike there! 
Part of which was on the Pacific Coast Trail.

I went clothes shopping with Candice as my personal shopper!
Yikes, I get sticker shock!
I did buy some new, dressier clothes though.
(I still need more though.)

Then yesterday we turned the truck to the EAST and began the long trek home. 
We went up and down mountains until we hit the flat.
Passed a National recreation site of golden sand dunes.
Hit the INS vehicle stop where we chatted with a nice young man from Washington, MO.
Drove through more boring scenery than I could name on worse roads.
Everything in Ceili was a disaster!

For the first time this trip I did not unhook the truck and we stayed only one night in Gila Bend, AZ

Both of these photos from our huge campground.

The desert is hard.
Evidence of that fact is very common.

Tonight we are in Tucson, AZ where we will stay for three nights and see some sights, take some photos, etc.

I can tell you I could never live here.
I would miss the green.
I already do.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Oh what lovely scenic photos and I got a kick out of the first one...I was thinking that was a whipped cream mustache that she was sporting? :)

Gail said...

We were at a place that sells only desserts! (Had to wait 20 minutes for a table at 8:30 pm!) Yes, she was sporting a whipped cream "Stasche"

a good yarn said...

Oh my young Nora is positively sprouting! How marvellous to have time with the family. Miss Quinn is a funny wee thing (you can let her know I don't like the waves either). Or the sand for that matter but walking along where the sand is still firm is okay. The desert is not for me either. All that dust! I need my greens too.