Sunday, October 9, 2016

Parowan Gap

For our last outing in Utah we did something different.
We drove out into the flat (mostly) to Parowan Gap to see the petroglyphs.
The gap between the two sides at one point had a river running through it 
and was used by early peoples as a traveling aid.
As well as a meeting place - apparently much visiting between groups.

The rocks on the sides of the gap are covered with petroglyphs.
They have been documented and studied-it seems pretty extensively.
One person studied them as cryptology and felt that they were symbols for sign language
that a great many groups understood.
There are other petroglyphs that share the same markings in other areas, so that makes some sense. 

The markings here are thought to have been made by a farming group called the Fremonts
about 500AD.
Both modern day Utes and Hopis claim some relationship to the Fremonts.
Anyway, on to the Petroglyphs!

This is called the zipper.  
One scientist believes it to be an astrological symbol relating to the many Cairns found in the surrounding area.
Plus on the summer solstice the sun rises directly in the middle of the gap.
You can read much more detailed description here.

See the Alien under the round spot?
Personally, I think it looks like one of the Hopi Kachinas.

I took 57 photos at the gap-there were petroglyphs everywhere.

I don't know maybe we're all making too much of it and it was just bored children writing on the wall.


a good yarn said...

Aren't they fascinating. Man is driven to make his mark. I'm sure early peoples considered the solstice sun rising between the formations to be most auspicious and I think it's interesting that other early peoples felt the same. Look at the pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. Even if it is scrawling, it's ancient scrawling.

Chookyblue...... said...