Monday, October 3, 2016

Onward through Utah!

When traveling North to South Utah is a big state!
I'm sure that lots of people would disagree but I thinks its ugly.  At least the part from Salt Lake to Cedar City.  I took all of these from a rest area -although what the State of Utah considers a rest area is in fact a paved lot next to a gas station, not even a place for Quinn to potty!

This the the Great Basin.  It goes West thorough Utah and Nevada and ends with the Sierras in California.  For trail travelers during the Gold Rush of the 1800's it is the most difficult stretch.  The trail follows the Humboldt River until it just disappears!  Then there is no water for a very long distance, heavy sand, no feed, tired animals and people.  This is one of the places the Donner party had difficulty and because of them the State of California sent out rescue parties each fall and eventually built places along the trail with feed, and water.

 Anyway the trip down was horrid!  First there was Salt Lake City to get through and even on a Sunday morning it was busy.  Then the wind picked up and blew us all about, making driving miserable.  I was so tired that when they handed me the credit card slip I didn't know what they wanted me to do with it!

Today, I hit the Quilt shop-came away empty handed - and Walmart, out of TP! Did the laundry (I still need to remake the bed, sigh), then Quinn and I took a walk along the river in the wind, again.

Tomorrow, we are going to Brice Canyon so I hope to have some better pictures!  I also hope it's pretty enough to begin to redeem Utah!

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a good yarn said...

I guess some of the trip had to be scrappy. I can't imagine the hardship those trail folk must have endured. It's very windy here too - gusting but no trees down yet (keeping fingers crossed).