Friday, October 7, 2016

Bryce Canyon National Park

One of the lower rock formations and one of the few not quite red.

When you drive into Bryce Canyon Park you're just driving through a nice forest.
Some tree tunnels, pretty aspen
some meadows, some deer
 (including one who got my heart rate up by walking out onto the road in front of me!)
The road goes a bit twisty and does some up and down.
Occasionally, off to the left you see a lot of space.
In the end though you really have gone up!
Clear up to 9115 ft by the time you get to the Rainbow overlook at the end.

I'd been told by the folks at the campground that when I got to Bryce I should drive 
to the end of the road without stopping at any of the overlooks.
That way I wouldn't have to cross traffic as they were all on one side.
I didn't have that much traffic to worry about but I'm glad I did it that way.
Because, when you park at Rainbow overlook
and walk up the the edge
this is what you see!
(The next five photos are a right to left progression of what I saw.)

 The first time I saw the Grand Canyon
it took my breath away.
So did Bryce!
Bryce isn't quite as mystical as the Grand Canyon 
but you can see forever.
 I thought I could see part of the Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument!

Can you see the road far off in the distance?
Of course, I stood there wondering where it went and if I'd need four wheel drive! 

Just so you know how far down is!

There are hiking trails, horse trails and a bike trail! 
I wish I could have seen these from the bottom as well as the top!

I'm of the opinion that it would require weeks (or longer) to really SEE 
this part of the country!
And a Jeep!


a good yarn said...

That's phenomenal scenery! Your pictures are postcard quality.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG this is stunning......take your breath away...........