Saturday, September 10, 2016


 The drive to Polebridge today changed everything I felt about Glacier National Park!  For the first time I could see the mountain range in all its glory!  That's Lake MacDonald in the foreground.

There are two roads to Polebridge, one inside the park and one outside.  The inside one has a section closed so we took the outside, although that one begins in the park.

The park section is paved, a true blessing because most of the rest of the way isn't.  Many holes, much teeth jarring stuff.  Worth every minute!

At Polebridge there is a small mercantile that sells, among other things, cinnamon rolls and bear claws!  Yum!  You can read more about Polebridge here,  there's photo there as well.  You can also drive from there back into the park and to a couple of small lakes.  Which we didn't do.

Had to stand on the trailer hitch to get this show over the trees!

Instead we headed back via the Columbia Falls road.  Just as bad a the other one!  With the river next to you.

Another great backroads adventure-without a single wrong turn!

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Chookyblue...... said...

backroads are great as you can always stop and take pics.........