Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Missoula to Dillon

Moving day!
Headed out from Missoula to Dillon about 11 am.
Arrived about 3pm.
Absolutely nothing went wrong!
After the last move
I was afraid that more disaster would strike!

We stopped at a rest area on I-15 for lunch.
Starvation had struck me and while the scenery is gorgeous
there's not much in the way of food joints.
Not even fast food.
Lunch in the trailer was nice though
A bit longer than usual maybe 
but I'm in no hurry, ever.

These photos are all of the Divide valley.
Fall has come.
You can see it in the grass and the trees along the streams.
Clouds creating a dappled countryside are also 


a good yarn said...

Lunch at 3pm? That's afternoon tea time for me! I love it when the clouds move across the sky like that.

Charlene S said...

Life is too short not to stop and enjoy a great lunch.