Sunday, September 4, 2016



The next time I see a sign like this I am totally turning around,
Right there,
Right then!
I had heard about a ghost town near Philipsburg 
I had figured out where Philipsburg is-
It really helps if you are looking for a place anywhere near where it is!
Today, I decided we'd go back and try again.
Saw the sign for Granite
Turned right.
Not too long after that we came to that sign.
Wish I'd listened.
It felt like we drove FOREVER on washed out, 
rocky, narrow, twisty roads
all while praying we didn't meet another car!
Finally, with no end in sight I found a relatively wide spot
and after about 5 times jockeying back and forth
managed to turn around.
Never saw Granite.
Did see this:

Was the view worth it?
Then Philipsburg was a wash as well as there was no parking to be had.
There was a Santa standing on the street corner though.
In September?

Drove back north to I-90 then east towards Butte.
Stopped off in Deer Lodge
on the off chance the Quilt shop was open on Sunday.
It was!
So I petted some fabric.
Bought a little bit.
Then came back to Butte.

I think I'm getting so used to Montana that I'm not taking it in.
When driving it's sort of
Beautiful valley
Stream or river
Repeat, repeat, repeat.
It's all beautiful but I can tell that if you lived here you would become so familiar
with it that you wouldn't even look out the window.


Chookyblue...... said...

I don't have hills and windy bends but I seriously need one of those "travel at your own risk" signs..........our road is horrendous at the moment........

a good yarn said...

Reminds me of the time we ignored a similar sign only to travel for miles along a corrugated road. Everything rattled including us! I know what you mean about becoming used to all that scenery. Santa in September is a bit early.