Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quilting Catch-up

After last week this one has been blissfully quiet!
I have reworked my daily chores to where most all are on Mondays.
Leaving me more time for 
Which was the goal of the upheaval!

So the photo above is the beginning of Brayden's Trip.
I love the colors!
(Hint-my favorite color-blue!)
It looks blurry in the photo but when I looked at the strip again it really looks like that!

The other quilting catch up?
The "H" quilt.
Which now only needs binding!
Thank goodness.
It's the biggest quilt I've done on Bella the Bernina and I think I would have been okay if I hadn't decided to stitch in the ditch and then about 3/4" outside that "H".
Much twisting, and turning of a whole lot of fabric.
Add in the fact that the calendar may say it's October and time for the cool but the thermostat has said nearly 90F and thus the air conditioning has come on, makes holding all of that on your lap kinda HOT! 
Anyway, I should get a completed quilt photo on here soon.

I need to finish the doll clothes I have cut out and get them in the mail to Miss Nora as her birthday is on the 14th, so that's next.
I continue to make blocks for Brayden's quilt.
Cut fabric for Ethan's.
And Sandwich Kolby's quilt.

Still stretching, doing some exercises I learned in Physical Therapy and walking.
Practicing both the piano and guitar as well.
I'm managing to stay busy!

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a good yarn said...

Brayden's Trip looks like rippling water or waves. Gorgeous blues. That's warm weather for quilt wrangling but it will be good to have it finished. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I have been resting the wrist (no fractures - yay!) but some early indications of arthritis. I'll be starting some exercises soon - gentle ones. While you're keeping busy I'll be taking it easy. Back to work next week.