Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall and finish!

Fall came!
It won't last just yet but. . .
I'm enjoying hot tea with honey 
and oatmeal.
Maybe even soup, who knows.
I'm even wearing a sweater.
I love FALL! 

And in other news~
"H" is finished!
I am so glad!
It looks okay and will keep me warm
BUT. . .
I'm not really very happy with it.
I will not let flaws keep me from a finish though!

Today, I have some paint prep work to do.
One more doll outfit for Nora to sew.
(To anyone thinking of sewing American Girl doll clothes just let me say this~
it's like sewing an outfit for the 8yo girl in miniature! Painful!)
Then I can mail that off for her birthday on Friday.
Will also make the backing and batt for Kolby's Trip
to sandwich tomorrow!

I'm on a roll!

1 comment:

a good yarn said...

I like the way your quilt greets me by saying HI. I love autumn too and we had a longer one than usual - about three weeks I think. Summer has come way too early this year and I'm already over salads. You are very sweet to make all those doll clothes.