Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crazy week!

This is a crazy week for me!
I mostly stay at home, especially in the evenings, working on projects and reading.
This week has only two evenings free!


First, on Sunday I watched this guy play soccer!
Such intensity.
Then he and I went to a Sporting Kansas City game-that's professional soccer!
Sporting KC wins a lot of games and won the game on Sunday against the LA Galaxy 2-1.
It was loud.
It was hot.
It was a bit boring what with all that ball passing going on!
I try and take each boy to something just for them-this was for Kolby.
I tell them that we will stay as long as they want and leave when they are ready.
These are long games-45 minute halves-and about 20 minutes before the end of the second half he said he was ready to go.
We went.
He's 8, I figured we'd leave early.
Parking, while free is across the road at the race track but they provide a free shuttle back and forth.
Leaving early meant we didn't have to wait for a shuttle!

Tuesday, Rob, Tanya and I went to the Kansas City Symphony after dinner.
The first time I'd been in the symphony hall at the Performing arts center and it is just as nice as the ballet hall.
An intimate setting for a performance of contemporary composers which we all enjoyed!
So much so that we're doing it again in 2018.

Today, I had my usual Wednesday volunteer day at the National Frontier Trails Center
followed by errands in Independence.
Joann's, Barnes and Noble and Costco.
Quinn was very glad to see me!

Tomorrow night I have photography class.
My homework is already done and printed!

Friday night Brayden and I are going to one of the final Royals games (baseball) of this season.
Unfortunately, there is no chance of us winning the pennant this time!
Last time he and I went they won the American League West-it was exciting.

In between all of that I've been quilting "H" -really do not like this quilt! 
And sewing on Brayden's Trip.


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a good yarn said...

You have been a busy girl. Very sweet of you to take Kolby to see a proper football match. I used to see a symphony concert once every two years but haven't been in years and years. First time I went to the ballet I was really disappointed - you heard their footfall thudding throughout the performance. The take it out on tv! Very windy here still and apparently no rain till the end of October. Everything is covered in a fine red dust from the Western Plains. No sewing lately but hopefully from this weekend.