Friday, October 27, 2017

Mini-shop Hop!

No not for miniatures- though that would be fun!
So your second guess would be for fabric and that would be correct!

After dropping Miss Quinn off at camp for the day I headed north for an hour and a half-give or take some minutes!  (Missed having Quinn next to me in the truck!)

First I went to Crossroads Quilting in Cameron, MO.  I have been there before and its a nice little shop but nothing fell off the shelves and into my hands there!  

Then if was off to - wait for it. . . 

Yep, Quiltown USA!
They have several buildings-one for wools, one for batiks, one for brights, 
you get the picture.
So I wandered about and bought these:

Two fat quarter bundles and a piece of blue.
The bundles for projects that will be gifts.
The blue is an alternative for the blue I have now run out of for Brayden's Trip!
Oh, NO!

A closer look at the fabric in the fall bundle.

And here are the holiday ones.

I bought some bits and bobs as well-they have really cute things!
It's fun to go there but I don't go often as it's a bit overwhelming as well.
There's the "Which shop did I see that print in again?" thing going on.

After lunch, where I had a nice chat with some folks from Grand Prairie, Texas.
(I really must be a Hickam as I will chat with most anyone-as will most any other Hickam!)

Then I was off to Chillicothe!
The shop there is called Cuts and Bolts, fun name.

These also fell into my hands and also have projects they are needed for!
Then, I nearly did cartwheels!
I went on this little jaunt looking for a specific blue stonehenge fabric,
They had it!

Why was I so excited?

This is the last square of this fabric in Brayden's Trip-which is almost 2/3 complete.
I really didn't think I'd find it so I was thrilled!

I had another shop on the list for today, but with the late start and all the fun I had shopping and chatting plus driving on back roads the store would have closed before I could get there.
Oh well, another trip!


Chookyblue...... said...

What a great day.......

a good yarn said...

Seriously! Missouri Quilt Shop. It's just not fair. You certainly picked up a great haul of goodies. Cuts and Bolts is just too clever. So the Hickams like a chat eh, so glad you had such a good day out and I'm sure Quinn had fun at camp.