Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Succulents have taken over!

I can't seem to stay away from the tables holding succulents at my garden nursery!
These two arrangements are residing on my desk.

There are several others in individual pots near the window.
Then there's this beauty.

It does seem a bit confused though~it is a Christmas Cactus!

All but one plant seem happy as can be sitting where the morning sun hits them.
I didn't realize that succulents would bend to follow the sun but I have to give the pots a quarter turn now and then.

Fall has finally come,
At my last house the neighborhood was full of trees, oak trees.
They just turn brown in the fall.
This neighborhood is full of maples.
There are some oaks as well but there are several varieties of maple.
Some are VERY red.
Mine are yellow.
I never noticed before but the trees turn color from the top down.

There are also lots of these laying on the ground around the neighborhood
~ Hedge apples, fruit of the Osage Orange 

The things you see and learn while walking.

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a good yarn said...

Your succulent pots look terrific! Ah, Fall, I miss it already. Went off and read about the Osage Orange. Fascinating. They make a nice table decoration.