Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nasty Weather.

Yesterday,  Quinn went to Camp (yes, doggie day care) and I had a 10:30 appointment with my lovely chiropractor, Dr. Joe, so we left home at 8:30am.  It wasn't raining, it had been but we didn't get wet getting into the truck.  It's a 20 minute drive to the place Quinn goes for Camp.  She'll be staying there when we go to Chicago in May and I want her comfortable there.  She has gone there off and on since she was a puppy but it's been many months since she last went due to the drive and the fact that I hate to take her when I'm going to be home most of the day!  Anyway,  we drove in and out of rain on the way down but it wasn't much more than a light rain UNTIL the moment I was standing in the open door of the truck with Quinn in my arms!  Without any warning it began raining hard and hailing!  I didn't even put her on the ground just ran inside, got clobbered by a small walnut-sized hailstone just at the door-ouch. Quinn went merrily off to play like she'd been there only last week and I waited for the hail to stop.  I did get drenched getting in the truck though.  Off I went to get a Cafe Mocha-I had earned it and I was cold!  The forecast was for 70F so I had on capris, a short-sleeved tee and sandals-no jacket!  Hit the hardware store for some cotter-pins I needed and on the way out it started raining again with the wind blowing hard enough that the rain came in sideways-drenched again, sigh.  All before 9:15AM!

It's a ways from Quinn's camp to Dr Joe's -I don't know how far it is but it's across town on side streets so it's kind of slow but I still got there with lots of time to spare so I went to a wonderful plant nursery to get some herbs and one tomato plant for containers. It was pouring rain while I was in there which sounded quite loud on their greenhouse roofs! I still arrived at my appointment 25 minutes early!  As always I had a book along.

After the good doc fixed me up I went halfway back across town to do a little shopping and have lunch before I needed to be at the museum for the afternoon.  It had quit raining by then but it was quite chilly-I don't think it ever made that 70F.

It was time to get Quinn when I finished at the museum with one stop at another plant nursery for some flat leaf parsley.  I picked her up and drove home without anymore rain-although it was dark with threatening clouds.

The really bad torrential rain came over night-about  3 1/2 inches.  Much lightening and thunder, some of which seemed to be directly overhead and Quinn barked at it.  I have no idea why she barks at thunder as she isn't the least be frightened!

More rain today, more lightening, more thunder, more Quinn barking.  I feel like I should say rinse and repeat.  I do hope there's no repeat of the overnight storm!

I wanted to take Ceili out this weekend but thunderstorms are in the forecast clear into Saturday-camping is no fun in the rain! So We'll be staying home, darn it.

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a good yarn said...

I was just saying to my Dad that weather forecasting in the States seems to be more accurate than here. Perhaps not so much, eh? That was not nice weather at all! We are expecting more high 20s - low 30s days here next week. In May for goodness sake! We do need some rain but could do without the hail. I suppose Quinn barks at the thunder because it kind of sounds like barking to her.