Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stitching catch up

I am now caught up with Rainbows Scrap Challenge! 
Well, at least the Grannies are.
I don't think I have enough of either pink or turquoise/teal for tumblers.

When I finished those-

I stitched up this table runner top.
Bought this as a kit in Montana 2016 and just getting around to it.
It will get quilted when Tanya's Black and Gold is done.

As for Black and Gold it is now 1/4 quilted.
It's big.
It's Heavy.
I can only work on it for about an hour before my shoulders give out!

Terribly hot here.
Humid as well.
Heat index today 111F!
I'm staying in so more sewing tomorrow!


Lin said...

Your RSC blocks are great and that table runner looks gorgeous. Keep cool! xx

Janice said...

Good to see your RSC challenge blocks. The look great. Also, great to have your kit made up. Try and stay cool in that sweltering heat. Not fun.