Sunday, June 17, 2018

Remodeling. . .

The camper.
Just beyond the stove,
back by the two windows
there used to be two VERY skinny
Just at the edge of the stove,
there used to be a floor to ceiling "closet".
(Not that it worked well as a closet or for anything else!)

I picked up the camper on Wednesday
spent most of every day since
tearing out (horrible job)
then building in the shelves.
patching holes and painting.
Did I finish everything?
I do think the worst is behind me now that this part is finished.
It feels so much more open, now.
I also took everything not directly related to the camper out
and brought it home to sort through.
Cause I have no idea what was in there.
I only went out twice last year and this is the first time this year.
Not that I slept in it!

So next time out I'll finish some more and fix some broken things.
Some things will be made here and just installed next time.
Some window coverings and a curtain to hide the shelves to be made as well.
Lots of small details to finish.
Plus, I'll reload the things I need in it.
It's so easy to think you'll need something but you rarely do!

Now, I simply need to decide where I want to go!


Lin said...

Looks like a lot of hard work but the results are worth it. xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Good job now take it out for a trip.......

Janice said...

It’s so worth while making home improvements on your camper. I hope you can get travelling soon.