Sunday, June 10, 2018

A big sandwich

Finally have this black and gold quilt ready to sandwich.
At 88 x 102 inches it's a very big sandwich!
It only took 2 trips to the store for more safety pins, 
8 repositions, 
and 3 days.
But it's finished, rolled and ready for quilting.
I don't know why this one has been such a drag to get to this point.

I've not put in any extra gardens but I added to the one in front,
the lilies are blooming now.
Such gorgeous Stargazers!

This one is a Stella D'Orr-also quite pretty.

Last night I attended my high reunion - 50 years since we graduated.
I knew absolutely no one.
I'm not good with names to begin with, 
and I'm not good at "working the room",
I tend to stand back and watch.
Anyway, I learned my lesson-class reunions are not for me.


Lin said...

Gosh that quilt is stunning! Will you hand or machine quilt? xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail wow your quilt top looks fantastic,i am your newest follower hope you will visit and follow me. Love your flowers so pretty,hope you have a lovely day xx

Janice said...

It’s good to get the basting finished. I love your flowers. I only went to my 20 year school reunion back in 2000. I’m with you. They’re not for me either.