Sunday, June 24, 2018

New garden shots

On Thursday and Friday I pulled up the grass and planted this Hosta garden.
On the North side of the house beside my patio.
It will take a year or so but most of the Hostas have 36-42" spreads.
They will eventually blend into one another.
I have a few impatiens at the front adding a bit of color once they get settled in.
Only thing left is to replace that soaker hose.
It has many-LARGE holes and sprays all over the place.
So not much true soaking going on!

This little bush tomato is loaded with cherry tomatoes!
Tasty, too!
I will definitely plant this one again.
Not so 
the other two small tomatoes in pots.  
The yellow pear has blossom end rot on every tomato! 
Not good.

Last up my fountain and some of the potted plants around it.
Very soothing, 
the sound of water,


Chookyblue...... said...

Wow that is going to look great......

Maria said...

Lots of gardening going on. Will look great soon..

Janice said...

I love hostas. They will look good in your shady garden. I still find it funny that North is your shady side. The water feature would sound very cooling in the heatwave. Enjoy your veges.