Monday, March 19, 2018


It began raining last night,
or maybe it was early this morning,
 I don't know I was asleep!
I only know I woke to rain.
It is welcome this rain.
We had a dry winter,
hardly any snow,
with lots of dry grass etc around there have been multiple
Red Flag Warnings.
Especially on windy days.

Here in Missouri we have average annual precip of 36" +/-.
That's a yard.
Or for the lucky metric folks nearly a meter.
It often comes in huge thunderstorms, 
the kind where rain drops bounce when they hit the ground,
gully washers my Gran called them.

The ground here is made of a few feet of topsoil
and under that CLAY.
The thing about clay is that once wet it stays wet
but in a heavy rain water can't penetrate the clay so it runs off
and doesn't do much good.
Today's rain is steady but not hard.
A soaker.
Just what we need.

Unless, it goes on for days!
Then I'll be complaining!

(To see just how rain changes things:
Take a look at the grass under Ryan's quilt in the header
and the grass around the major puddles in my yard.)


barbara woods said...

ours is a few inch's of top soil and red clay , takes forever for our garden spot to dry enough to plant

Chookyblue...... said...

enjoy the rain........hope it continues nice and steady to soak in........we get about 20-21 inchs a year.........not sure we have even had that in 18months.....need to do a tally......

Janice said...

Your rain sounds about perfect. We are on clay here too, so know what you mean. It sounds like you get a bit more rain than us. Our annual is about 26-27 inches. We hope we don't have dry winter like last year - it was dreadful - like they turned the tap off..

a good yarn said...

Gald you ha some rain, we have too but temps are to rise to 35 degC again by the end of this week. Where's Autumn?!