Monday, March 26, 2018

How Come?

It is SO hard for me to get up here every day and write on this blog?  It's a mystery which I cannot solve!

In spite of that I have finished G1 (pink and purple Granny 1)!
G2 needs for me to finish the back-oops had to go buy more fabric!  What was I thinking the day I bought that? Then Sandwich and it will go under Belle the Bernina for quilting.  I had hoped to finish it by the end of the month but that's looking unlikely.

I had enough of the two main purples to make two pillowcases to send along with the quilts.

I've spent more time on the cross-stitch but truthfully I doubt that you'd see a difference.

Other than sewing, I've been working every day on my Family History.  I received an Ancestry membership for Christmas that expires in June and I'm trying to see if it's helpful enough that I want to extend it.  So far, I'm thinking not.

I've been faithfully putting in my 15 minutes Scanning in photos every day.  I will never get done!  40 years worth of photos before I got a digital camera.  Maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel by the end of the year?!

Also, practicing the piano most days.  Not the guitar though.

This morning I gave these

a serious haircut and set the off cuts into dirt for cuttings. They will all go into the front flower bed.  Then I watered-which I desperately needed to do.  My orchids are dying-this is my second and final attempt at them!  I do have a Christmas Cactus and an amaryllis blooming though, just a few months late!

All in all I manage to keep myself busy and now that I'm feeling better I have to get back to the walking.  Not to mention. . .Ok I won't!


Chookyblue...... said...

Time flies when your having fun......
The granny quilt looks great.......
Goodluck on the family history..... Always very interesting .....

Janice said...

For someone recoupriating you are achieving lots. The quilt is looking great. Good luck with your plant cuttings.

a good yarn said...

You are certainly achieving a good deal more than me! That's such a lovely quilt and I never remember to make pillow covers. Must do that. Even though geraniums have stinky leaves and grow straggly, I do like them. We're having the last flush of summer (35 again this weekend) and the roses have bloomed. I'm finding with Ancestry that verifying information from other sources is crtitical - but then, isnt that best practice wih research?