Wednesday, March 14, 2018


On Sunday I made my monthly trip to Columbia to visit Scott, Bri and Ryan.
It's only about 120 miles to their house from here
it was dripping rain here.
You know the kind that is too hard to just leave
 and yet not hard enough to leave the wipers on.
about 30 miles out it began to snow.
BIG (like a 2 1/2" circle)
WET ( SPLAT on the windshield)
While the road was mostly okay visibility dropped 
way down.
Which means travel was slowed down.
So a bit exciting.
This kind of heavy snow sticks to trees and dogs!

Quinn LOVES snow!

Ryan helped his Daddy make macaroni and cheese for his lunch!
Scott says he could likely make it on his own.
Scott, however, isn't ready for him to try it!

He's such a cutie.
Such a happy, healthy little boy.
Full of hugs and kisses.
We had a very nice visit/play date!

And Scott made a really good dish for dinner, yummy!
Coucous, veggies and chicken.

On Monday, I had an eye appointment in Independence 
so I decided to run a few errands after.
Off to the museum to check in about the 8th grade tours.
to Joanns for batting and backing for G2,
then to Target.
I really only came home with the things I went for!
Had lunch out.
Hit the LQS on the way home for some pink.
G2 again.
Then home.

I really over did it, sigh.
those two days
plus the beginning of the hated Daylight Savings Time
left me exhausted.
Some lying about
Some reading,
Some stitching.
Some better.

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a good yarn said...

He's a sweetie alright! That's the problem isn't it? You feel a wee bit energised, sick of lying about and end up pushing yourself a little too far. That was my week and I'm paying for it now. In some good news I have air con at last - just in time for weekend temps of 35 and 41 deg C. In March. Supposedly Autumn. Go figure.