Friday, March 9, 2018

Progress: Quilting and stuff

First up-
Pink and Purple Granny 1
(Forever known as G1)
is under the needle being quilted!
All the horizontal rows are done.
It will be ready for binding
and finishing next week.

Pink and Purple Granny 2
(now known, you guessed it-as G2)
has 6 of the 12 big blocks done.
It should be ready to sandwich and quilt next week as well.

I got out Nora's cross stitch yesterday.
I've been working on this one -
or not working in this case-
Hope to show you some progress next week.

I'm beginning to feel normal.
I still have some aches and pains.
My energy level is still a bit low.
At only 3 weeks post op I'm feeling good about it.
Went to the Symphony last night with Rob and Tanya
(fabulous by the way)
and managed it well.
Quinn and I will take a short walk and see how that goes.


Janice said...

Glad you are feeling better. I love your granny quilt.

a good yarn said...

That sounds like progress. I'm rather envious of that large throat space on your machine. G1 and G2 look good. Great colour combinations.