Saturday, February 27, 2016

Warm and windy.

Spring is making an attempt at arriving, but I'm not giving up on winter just yet!  March is very unpredictable-unfortunately it isn't likely to get really cold again.  For the second year in a row we haven't really had winter.  Makes me wonder why I have a snow thrower.  My friend in Montana posted a video of the snow falling in the Grasshopper valley-big, fat, wet snowflakes and lots of them.  Spring snows are so pretty as they stick to everything!  Then you can walk under a tree and it will dump on you!

I did some cleanup in the garage this morning.  You know that place where everything gets shoved until it gets warm enough to deal with.  I've heard you're supposed to put your car in them of all things!  I drive a pickup, it doesn't fit, sigh.  There's still more work in there left for tomorrow but that's ok eventually I'll have it tidied up--for about 15 seconds.

Then I wrestled with large pieces of flannel.  I made the back for Stitch in nine-hope to get the sandwich made tomorrow.  Stitch in nine will be the biggest quilt I've done at home, wish me luck. And cut strips for the boys ragged logs, will need to finish that.  I really hate dealing with great BIG pieces-they slip and slide and just make life yucky for the whole time you're cutting or whatever.

More progress was made on the stocking-I got in a whole cute little mouse head!  I guess after all the stockings I've stitched in reverse my eyes have figured the whole thing out, so far I haven't caught myself going the wrong way!

Now it's time for Miss Quinn and I to hit the feathers!  Nite-Nite.


Charlene S said...

Our brains are amazing. They can read upside down or even sideways and make sense of upside down patterns.

a good yarn said...

Our summer arrived late and like a bad house guest is refusing to leave! If get any Autumn at all it will be for about three days. Your garage sounds like my desk/office at work. I was out at meetings for a couple of days and when I got back . . . Glad to read that you are getting some stitching done as I haven't had a chance yet. Hope to make a start on the a baby quilt soon (may have said that a few weeks ago)