Sunday, February 7, 2016

Catching up!

My oldest brother, Jim, and his wife, Jessie, came for the weekend from Denver.  Boy, what a whirlwind!

On Friday, I did a bit of shopping before going to my Dad's house to visit.  I hit World Market hoping they'd have Australian tea, since Ann Campbell sent me some I'm hooked and hoping to find it somewhere in the states.  Must check Amazon.  Anyway, I did find some Irish tea I'd never tried.  Unless I had it in Ireland and didn't know it which is possible.  Besides the tea I wanted these
Magnetic spice tins for Ceili.  Now I need to hit IKEA for the metal sheets to hang in the closet (I call it the pantry-hangers don't really fit) to stick them to.  With a travel trailer one has to make enhancements to suit oneself.  (Well, really no different than a house.)  I've decorated Ceili in brown and turquoise (brown because, well, it was already brown and turquoise because I like it.)  I've been buying all sorts of turquoise things-plastic dinnerware, plastic glasses, rugs, towels, etc.  No sheets yet.  One of the things I hoped for but really didn't think I had any hope of finding was a tea kettle in turquoise. Like this one
For once in my life I have actually chosen a color which seems to be in fashion!  Very rare for me.  It seems there is so much for me to choose from now.  I think I might have reached my limit on accessories for Ceili!

We had dinner out as a family on Friday night-came home stuffed.

On Saturday, Jessie and I went back to Weston.  I've created a monster there!  4 years ago she wanted to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving--biggest, most horrid shopping day in the US--to which I thought "Oh Hell NO!"  Instead I took her to Weston.  Weston is an old Missouri River town just a couple of blocks long with cute little shops and eating establishments.  You see things there you never see elsewhere and we always have a great time.  She always wants to go to Weston!  I don't mind.  So, yesterday she bought a few things and so did I!  Here's most of what I bought.
A Bluebird for my living room.

A new Fairy named Jessie!  So I won't forget when and where I bought her!

Another new fairy, named Annie.  (Yes, Ann Campbell that's for you!)

This Irish blessing ornament which I put in my office.

I forgot to photograph the tiny bluebird (maybe 1/2 inch in size) I got for the dollhouse,  the brown sugar bear that will keep it moist in the jar and the button I bought Jim that says
"I speak fluent blarney" cause he does!

We had a lovely, large lunch at the Avalon Cafe. Before we headed back to my house.
Then we all met up at my cousin Bruce's new house before going to dinner.  I didn't contribute much to the dinner (nor eat much) as I'd developed a headache somewhere along the line.  Bad enough that I considered skipping dinner!  Then it was home and into bed with a puppy who was really glad her mom was home at last!

         Today we met for lunch before they headed to the airport to go home.  I feel like I've done nothing but eat this weekend!  Really, had a fun time with them.  After lunch, I hit the quilt shop.  They aren't usually open on Sunday but every year on Superbowl Sunday they have a big sale. I  did what I said I wouldn't do this time around on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I bought fat quarters in this months color-brown-as I really didn't have much.  Having cut it all for a log cabin that is still in progress.  Now, I'm taking myself off to the studio to sit and sew!

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a good yarn said...

That was certainly a whirlwind weekend! Thank you for my fairy - very sweet of you. Now that I know you like that tea, I will send you a bigger box. It doesn't weigh much at all. Pity I can't deliver it in person in return for a trip to Weston. Hmmmm, must remember to buy a winning lottery ticket.