Saturday, February 13, 2016

Starting soon!

I picked up the fabric for the rest of the Christmas stockings yesterday.
It had to be special ordered so I got enough for 4 more.
I only need 3 more!
This is what I'll be starting soon!!!

This one is for Nora.  Remember I have to do it backwards!
All the others have toes pointed the other way, sigh.
On top of the whole backwards thing it has blending filament in it, urgh.
And many beads.
I'll have fun and it will be really great to have it done.

As a reminder to me!

And so can you!

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a good yarn said...

As a dear friend of mine says - if you had to eat an elephant you'd just do it one bite at a time. Not that that any elephant deserves to be on a menu mind.