Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No bad news!

Just because yesterday was full of it! 

 Kolby was here today as he has had strep throat (everyone knows THAT just goes around and around at the grade school!)  He's been on antibiotics for a couple of days so he couldn't spread it around anymore but was not really ready to go back to school.  He'll be headed back tomorrow, but by then it might be Brayden's turn! 

 He brought his ipod and kindle along to play games and watch ytube (it's too cold for the recovering kid to play outside!!!) but those run low on power and have to be charged so when that happened we watched How to Train Your Dragon Two. 

While he was messing around within geekdom I was tidying up in the studio.  I found a whole shoe box of brown fabric!  Mostly scraps but a few fat quarters.  This just goes to show that I should never put fabric into boxes!  Now my pile of 1 1/2" squares is quite a bit bigger as is the pile of thimbles.  Not to mention the strips of various sizes.  Perhaps I'll sew some brown together this week. 

 I must finish the quilting on Fairies all around first though.  A couple of more nights at that one. 

 Still need to cut black large strips and alternate blocks of flannel but I'm waiting for new rotary cutter blades which are due to come tomorrow.


Charlene S said...

When my grandkids come to stay because they are in that stage of 'sickness', I put them on the Go and let them cut away. I get lots of tumblers to use and they are entertained for a while.

a good yarn said...

Much better to be cared for by mum or grandma when your sick than being sent to school to be miserable. Tell me about finding fabric in boxes. . . Cupboards . . .oh dear.