Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Today was an absolutely amazing day!
Warm, springlike, I only needed a polar fleece jacket when I went out to run errands!
Tomorrow is forecast to be in the 70's (F).
Perhaps even to break the record high temperature of 74!(F)
It's February though so I think the more normal 40's(F) will be back with us soon.
It is a nice break though.
Quinn, of course, lived outside today and tonight! 
This afternoon after our walk I left the deck door open for her.
She really loves that!
She comes in periodically and checks up on me, waits for me to say hi then goes back out.
She's so silly.

I hit the cross-stitch shop for blending filament for Nora's sock and some beads as well.
I CANNOT make a French Knot!
I've tried and tried.
So instead I use beads.  It works.

Then I went to Costco to buy ink cartridges for my printer.
They didn't have the ones I need.  Next up is ordering them from Amazon.
I did however manage to spend money on food and laundry detergent.
Plus I bought myself a new sweater.

Began making the log cabin blocks for the rag quilts after dinner.  
I need 36 so I am chain piecing them.
I need to set up ironing and cutting stations that I can use without all the up and down stuff!

I had an interesting thing happen last week. 
I found a new cousin.
We've worked together at both the Historical Society and the Museum and only
discovered last week that we have mutual ancestors!
Small world.

One last thing.
I've been discouraged about cooking for one.
Feeling it wasn't worth the bother when it's just me.
It just struck me like a log-
"Since when am I not good enough to cook for?"
That led to a whole lot of other things I decided I was enough for!
I never even thought I was putting myself in a lesser place!


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

That is what freezer containers are good for ! Make something wonderful and freeze some for another week :)

I did a series on my ancestors last year on my blog and last month a 'cousin', a young man from Germany who was searching online, doing ancestry research, found my series and emailed me. I put him in touch with another cousin and they are related through some great great grandparent or another.

a good yarn said...

I love your posts Gail and just wish I had an opportunity to spend some time in your company. Of course you are worth cooking for and in fact I would have thought that you could indulge yourself by making all the things you like. The rest of us have to accommodate all the finicky food fads of other family members. I can't sew French knots either but I can do candle wick knots so I use them instead. Your weather sounds great. This week will be 35, 36, 37, 38 then 39 deg C. I am so over hot, humid weather and want Autumn now! Of course Autumn only lasts a couple of weeks here but hey . .. I'm not surprised you discovered a cousin. I have hundreds of them that I've never met. I guess that unless circumstances bring you together you'd never know.