Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh So Very Windy!

While today was warm, very warm, it was also extremely windy!  Gusts up to 40 MPH. Trash cans blown over, while driving down the road the cover on the back of my pickup flew up!  (I started to say blew up but it's still there and attached.)  Apparently I neglected to lock it down when I last opened it.  It was kind of exciting, and I had to get out at a stop light and shut it.  Locked it this time!

I dumped the dirt out of some pots-left from last fall when shoulder issues were bad.  Spring will be coming and I might want to use one or two of them.  I don't plan much of a garden this year as I am trying to move.  Must put "Call the realtor" on the to do list.

Finally slowed down the director at the museum enough to discuss what to do with the next segment of the Mattes Collection. Oversize. When I looked at a couple of folders there are a lot of maps but there are other things as well some of which are not oversized at all!  They are the old style black copies with white writing, copied from some microfilm somewhere most likely.  Interestingly some of the writing was printed BACKWARDS.  So I'll be hauling a small mirror to the museum next week because I need to know what it's about before I can file it.  I have no intention of transcribing the stuff though-I'm just the sort, organize and catalog girl.

Tonight in the studio I finished the first black round on the rag logs.  Then I worked on Nora's stocking.  I only have 1 row completely finished and two rows half finished so I'll wait and show you my progress next week!


Charlene S said...

Be careful with that unlocked cover. Can't wait until you show pictures of your progress.

a good yarn said...

Here, a hot windy day usually precedes a huge thunderstorm. You can smell it coming before it arrives and the cockatoos screech like crazy. Those conditions also place folks in bush fires zones on high alert. Huge, shallow rooted gum trees topple in those conditions or drop enormous branches the size of small tress. That's why they call them widow makers.