Thursday, February 4, 2016

I've been MIA

So, Monday's splendid day of getting quite a lot done was followed by a very short night (could not sleep) then by a full day of being away from home.  Visited the good Dr Symmes, my chiropractor, did my volunteer gig, picked up dinner and visited with Kolby and Ethan while Beth and Lucas took Brayden to Anne Frank at the K C Rep.  I got home about 11pm from that one.  Guess what?  Wednesday, I. did. nothing.  Well okay I sat in my chair and read.  I didn't touch needle and thread for any of those days.  Today, I did a bit more cleanup and my volunteer gig.  I'm still very tired.  The older I get the longer it takes to get over being sleep deprived.  But speaking of my volunteer gig, I finished the biggest part of my project.  The one I've been working on for several years!  I only need to finish filing and checking numbers etc.  Then we will label all the boxes with a special label for that collection which will make it easier to read.  After that it's on to the oversize drawers and then photos.  I do believe that I might finish with that collection in this lifetime!  

I finally found by walking foot so I can begin quilting the tops that are finished.  I started on Card Trick tonight.  I also set up the Elna for sewing that isn't quilting.  I still haven't gotten the fabric, well really I don't expect it for another week or so and I didn't pick up another unfinished piece just yet so there's nothing to show.  Maybe tomorrow.

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a good yarn said...

So you had a day's rest. Folks have been shot for less. I'm pretty sure given how much you normally jam into a day ( a good deal more than I do ) I don't see a problem with the odd doona day. Reading a book - even better. It's very decent of you to commit your time to the heritage and history of your area and must quite satisfying to complete such a major task in what must be a substantial project.