Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Full week.

Most weeks I go to the Trails Museum on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
Maybe I do some grocery shopping.
Or take an outing.
Not much else.
This week has been crazy!
Ethan Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.
Trails museum Tuesday.
Yearly appointment with my primary care Doc 
and volunteer lunch at the Trails Museum.
Tomorrow back at the Trails Museum.
Friday some shopping.
A very busy week for me and the house is beginning to show it!
I have managed some sewing time in the evenings and progress while slow is steady.
I like that.
I'd like next week to be a bit slower please.


Charlene S said...

That tortoise won the race by being slow but steady.

a good yarn said...

Some weeks are just like that. Hope you had your running shoes on!