Monday, February 29, 2016

Design Wall Monday-Leap Day Edition

Finally a design wall post that isn't full of fabric strips!
I cut the rest of the blocks and strips needed for the Raggy Quilts yesterday.
Big job,
Big pieces of flannel!
I only have the two blocks finished but I wanted to see
what they were going to look like,
and how big I really needed to make the quilt.

One will be like this-with black alternating blocks.
One will have the red.
I can't decide which one I like best. 

The process is slow but I should finish the rest of the blocks today or tomorrow.
Then begins the quilting of each block.
The logs get a spiral.
I think the plain ones will get a tic-tac-toe pattern.
They will be nice and snuggly warm when finished!


Charlene S said...

I like the red one but I bet the black one looks great in person.

a good yarn said...

They both look terrific due to the contrast. I've only sewn with flannel once. Can't say I'm all that keen to do it again.