Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Busy Days!

I've been missing from the blog for a couple of days!  Surprise, surprise. 
On Sunday I spent most of the day cooking.
A most enjoyable time as I hardly ever do it!
The reason was Beth and Lucas's birthday dinner!
Every one gets to choose the menu and they chose
Shrimp and Steak
Cheesy Potatoes
Wedge salads
Hot rolls
Strawberry Napoleon
Oh so yummy!
And everyone took home some leftovers.
We enjoy each others company so it was a fine day.
I was tired though!

Yesterday, I was scheduled to have a meeting with a realtor.
Then this guy (Ethan) happened (realtor postponed.)

The school and I have different definitions of illness!
He was sent home sick.  He wasn't sick, just had an adjustment to one of his many meds.
I know he wasn't sick because of this:

He spent plenty of time jumping from one dot to another.
Practicing his colors and same/not same.
As well as playing for hours with the four little airplanes.
He couldn't go back until 1pm today so he came again this morning.
I took his to Beth around noon and then went to the Museum to work.

I'm tired.

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a good yarn said...

Some school staff need to be a little more accommodating, especially with children on medication. Mind you, there are parents who send their little ones off to school who really are sick. Birthday dinner menu looks delicious. I'd be happy with that. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up for a bit.