Saturday, July 21, 2018

The deep hole that is my office

My desk.  It never looks much better.
This week I have spent quite a lot of time in this room.
Cleaning out the closet.
Sorting through the boxes and notebooks.
Making piles of materials to give away.
Beginning to get the Family History research organized.
    I moved the bookcase from the wall behind the desk to the wall along side the desk.
The scanner wasn't working well from the other spot.
The cord connecting it to the laptop just wasn't long enough.
(I will say that the photo scanning process has been moving along.
Another lifetime and I'll be done!)
All the notebooks on the shelves are either holding family information,
or are empty waiting to be filled.
I won't have any trouble filling them.
See the two white boxes?
They hold folders with notes etc in them.
That all needs to be added to one of the family lines.
The bottom center shelf holds yet more files.

And then there's this file!
Most of it on one family!

I have been sewing,
I have been reading,
I've even done housework
But it seems I've mostly fallen down the office hole.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Friday Night With Friends plus!

I joined up with Cheryll for Friday Night With Friends.
Only I started on Wednesday!
And I'll go on until Monday.
While the heat has broken-a bit- for a couple of days, 
I spend my time in the studio (aka basement)
where it is much cooler than the upstairs even with air conditioning.

I spent enough hours on Nora's stocking that I finished
 all the known cross stitches to be filled in.
I'm sure I'll find some are missing as I backstitch,
I always do.
The back stitching brings the entire piece alive,
adding details and definition.

I also stitched the first two rows of this little quilt together.
I dug the 4 patch blocks out of a box 
where they'd been lingering for 6 or 7 years.
Leftovers from a couple of quilts I made for Nora earlier.
I fiddled with placement on the design wall for a couple of days
and ended with this.
I might just have the blocks together by tomorrow night.
I think this will be a donation quilt.
Pink is quite prevalent and I'm seriously short of girls!

I've also spent at least and hour each day on this.
It is now halfway quilted.
Perhaps I'll finish this quilt this month?
I think it's doable.

Now, I'll just be off to hibernate some more!

Saturday, June 30, 2018


This morning I tried a new waffle recipe.
From a cooking for two book.
Called for Seltzer water.
Not a bad waffle.
Not likely to make the recipe again though.

Just let me say. . .
Seltzer water should always be opened

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stitching catch up

I am now caught up with Rainbows Scrap Challenge! 
Well, at least the Grannies are.
I don't think I have enough of either pink or turquoise/teal for tumblers.

When I finished those-

I stitched up this table runner top.
Bought this as a kit in Montana 2016 and just getting around to it.
It will get quilted when Tanya's Black and Gold is done.

As for Black and Gold it is now 1/4 quilted.
It's big.
It's Heavy.
I can only work on it for about an hour before my shoulders give out!

Terribly hot here.
Humid as well.
Heat index today 111F!
I'm staying in so more sewing tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Earlier today I was in my second floor office
on the phone with the mail order pharmacy.
Not talking about that!
I hate that I am required to use one.
I'm on hold and the weather sirens start wailing!
I look out the window to see its blowing a gale.
Sirens don't go off on Tuesdays unless there's a weather event 
so I took phone and laptop and headed to the basement.
Turned on the TV for the weather guessers.
There where both severe thunderstorm and tornado WARNINGS!
Had to go back up stairs for a leash and Quinn as she refused to come.
(She does this every time there's a weather emergency!)
Soon everything was over so I went back up to the office.
When I came down later it was to discover this limb down in the back yard!

You can see (maybe) where it broke off.
Funny thing though
that's all that broke.
No plants upended,
no chairs turned over just that one branch.
The break is so far up the tree I may
need both the pole chain saw and the ladder.
Think it will stay the way it is until my middle son gets
home from vacation in 10 days!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

New garden shots

On Thursday and Friday I pulled up the grass and planted this Hosta garden.
On the North side of the house beside my patio.
It will take a year or so but most of the Hostas have 36-42" spreads.
They will eventually blend into one another.
I have a few impatiens at the front adding a bit of color once they get settled in.
Only thing left is to replace that soaker hose.
It has many-LARGE holes and sprays all over the place.
So not much true soaking going on!

This little bush tomato is loaded with cherry tomatoes!
Tasty, too!
I will definitely plant this one again.
Not so 
the other two small tomatoes in pots.  
The yellow pear has blossom end rot on every tomato! 
Not good.

Last up my fountain and some of the potted plants around it.
Very soothing, 
the sound of water,

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Remodeling. . .

The camper.
Just beyond the stove,
back by the two windows
there used to be two VERY skinny
Just at the edge of the stove,
there used to be a floor to ceiling "closet".
(Not that it worked well as a closet or for anything else!)

I picked up the camper on Wednesday
spent most of every day since
tearing out (horrible job)
then building in the shelves.
patching holes and painting.
Did I finish everything?
I do think the worst is behind me now that this part is finished.
It feels so much more open, now.
I also took everything not directly related to the camper out
and brought it home to sort through.
Cause I have no idea what was in there.
I only went out twice last year and this is the first time this year.
Not that I slept in it!

So next time out I'll finish some more and fix some broken things.
Some things will be made here and just installed next time.
Some window coverings and a curtain to hide the shelves to be made as well.
Lots of small details to finish.
Plus, I'll reload the things I need in it.
It's so easy to think you'll need something but you rarely do!

Now, I simply need to decide where I want to go!