Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finally! The Studio!

The View from the door.
I now have one room really and truly unpacked and set up. 
 It took more days than I even want to think of!
I think it takes longer to do this than the kitchen.

The actual sewing nook.
 The little white cabinet of drawers is new. 
 From IKEA it's on wheels- not that there's space in here to move it about!
It holds all the tools of stitching
Some patterns
and paper crafting stuff.
The thread rack still needs to be mounted on the wall.

Part of the home office.
The tall oak piece under the tv holds my printer in the top part,
paper and other "office" stuff in the  bottom.
It's really too large but I love the piece and find it difficult to part with.

The other end of the room-with Grace.

The closet is the true reason I decided to use the room for my studio!
Cause it looks like this:

On the right of the door going in is where I store fabric on hangers. 
Mostly smallish pieces
but at the moment I have the fabric for the 365Challenge hanging as well.
I have the fabric primarily by color.
Behind the fabric are several shelves which hold my craft books.
At the back is a four drawer file cabinet.

On the left are things relating to miniatures.
And just stuff!

Now, if I can only finish the rest of the house I might be able to use it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seeing a light in the boxes!

Man, I've been MIA from blogland!  Bad on me!

The staging area!

Mostly, I've been moving, sorting and unpacking more boxes.  Surprise!  On Sunday, the kids helped me by moving all the bankers boxes into the house.  I think there might have been 50-geesh, I have too much stuff.  All but 9 of those has either been emptied or moved to the proper room for emptying.  The pile for letting go of is growing, although not as fast at it should ;)  Today, I brought in the rest of the boxes from the garage-not true there are still some in there but they will be staying there for a while or they contain artwork which I am NOT ready for!  I can actually walk through now.

This is the end that held all the boxes!
This end still has a lot of odd things.

Monday, I had a full day running errands with two doctor's appointments, Quinn had fun at camp-lucky girl.  I have surgery scheduled for February to remove the cataracts from my eyes.  I'm going with the multi-focal replacement lens so at most I'll need light readers.  It will be a different world, seeing without glasses!

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to IKEA for a skinny bookcase to hold my cookbooks, will have to let go of some of them for sure.

There is a winter storm forecast for the weekend-ice, yuk.  I want to have everything I need for the weekend so I don't have to go out.  Purchased ice melt and tube sand for the truck today so I'm good. Maybe I'll get enough done to actually sew on something!  That would be nice.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Boxes, more boxes

I finally got enough put away in the kitchen to cook dinner!  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes!  I love meatloaf, it's not cool I know but I really do.  Plus, it's so much better than cereal!

Still have things missing from the kitchen and until I find them I can't finish in there.

Spent some time moving boxes etc to get the trash bin out as tomorrow's trash day.  It will stay outside for a while or maybe always.

Found the box with my quilts in it-also the sheets etc for the guest room!

Moved more boxes to find as many "Studio" ones as I could.  Slepped some of them up to the studio. Even put some things away after dusting them off.  So progress, I guess.  There are several more to go up tomorrow.

Tonight it's supposed to snow!  Depending on the station the forecast is 1-4 inches.  Usually, the heavier stuff stays north of the river but you never know.

Tomorrow, its more of the same.  Have to get more done as the family is coming for Tanya's birthday dinner on Sunday!  Think I'll have the boys carry in book boxes!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Endeavors

I tried yesterday to add a post but my new internet connection just kept dropping off.  It was so slow I gave up!  Today, for no particular reason it seems to be working much better-go figure.  My oldest geek boy says that computers hiccup so I guess that's what happened.

I am down to the last bit of the kitchen boxes that I could easily find. Everything has to be washed after spending 5 months being packed and in storage so it's taking forever to put things away.  The dishwasher has run almost constantly for two days.  At least tomorrow I should be able to clear the counters and move on.  I am missing quite a few things that I know go into the kitchen, guess I'll run onto them as I sort through the boxes.

I moved all the empty boxes and totes to the basement for the time being.  Adding empties to the garage would just be insane!

Tomorrow, I'm headed up into the studio on and off.  It will be easier as nothing will be washed just put into clean drawers and onto shelves.  It's just toting all the boxes up the stairs that will be tiring.

It has turned cold again, more normal, Quinn is spending more time in the house.  I am really looking forward to the fence being finished the end of the month so I can just open the door for her!  She will love being off leash!

Time to fold/hang some clean clothes while I listen to the TV!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monday Musings and Messes!

Since this is the first of January!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2017!

Now to the rest of the story.  No picture-I'm too tired to get the camera and everything is such a mess!
Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the day--The Refrigerator now fits in the hole! I didn't even chip the formica.  Whew, that was a big one.

I did move in many boxes of things marked "Kitchen" and managed to find the dishes, no glasses (except champagne flutes) or everyday silverware yet.  Lined some of the cabinet shelves and loaded in canned goods. This is where I really need to pare down.

Set up the guest bedroom as far as the big pieces go anyway.

Lucas came an set up my internet-I no longer have to use my personal hotspot all the time.

Quinn and I had a rousing game of soccer in the basement.

I posted my Intentions for 2017 on a separate page-you can get them out by clicking on the tab.
Very ambitious-likely too ambitions but I'm aiming for the moon if I miss I'll land among the stars!

Now, I'm going to go set up my printer, take a shower and go to bed. So very, very tired.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday-State of the Garage Take One

This was the state of the garage before the movers came on Thursday.

The red totes are the only thing currently stored where they will always go!
Those are my Christmas Decorations all 11 boxes of them as well as three trees and the light bag. 
I have a few new ones from the summer to add as well.

After the movers.
This is how it looked tonight.

There have been some boxes moved into the house and some things moved around a bit.
As always, there is just something I NEED to have before I can do anything else.
In this case I need some tools to cut off the countertop so that the refrigerator fits in it's hole.
As bad as this looks the rest of the house looks worse.
I do have most of the main pieces of furniture set in place.
Rob and Tanya came down for a bit and helped me set some things in place-it is very hard to
move furniture on the carpeting.
Reminds me of why I love hardwood floors!
For the first time since the end of July at least 99% of my possessions are in one place!
At one time things where spread out in 5 different places!
There is hope that I will be able to find more things tomorrow-like the dishes and that one pesky tool!
I did find the wine flutes or I'd be drinking my champagne out of the bottle!
Not thinking I'll make it to midnight for a champagne toast but I did find the flutes so I will salute my first night in my new home on the first night of a new year!

Here's to 2017.
Hope it brings health and happiness to each and every one of you!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Busy, Busy at the moment!

Christmas has come and gone yet again!  Mine was spent at my youngest son's in Columbia as the oldest son and his family had come to meet Ryan.  Also because I did not have a PLACE to celebrate and My darling daughter and her family are off on a cruise as well as vacation time in Florida.  Hope they're having a great time!  Anyway, we had a great time.  Ryan's birthday is on Christmas, he turned two!  Our little miracle. This year I did a combined gift as he's too little to care so a small trampoline was bought for him.  It was amazing how quickly he picked up what he was to do.  He's a VERY active little boy!  His 7 year old cousin,   Nora enjoyed the trampoline as well-she is a very active little girl!

I opened my Secret Santa gift from Maria at!  All they way from Australia, I always get excited about things that come from Australia!  I don't think you can tell but each of the white squares has a bit of lace in it and it is so pretty!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Maria.  The chocolate koalas are no longer in the package but in my tummy!

Came home yesterday as the children were headed in different directions-Scott and family to Boston, MA, Steve and family to Washington DC.  Today, I moved yet more boxes from storage to the garage at the new house.  Tomorrow the refrigerator, washer and dryer will be delivered! A couple of loads from storage and I should be pretty well set for the movers on Thursday.  I plan to spend my first night in the new house on New Year's Eve.  Ah, to have everything in one place again will be so delightful!