Saturday, April 7, 2018

Talking too much!

Most days the only one I talk to is the dog.
Quinn doesn't talk back so the conversation is limited.
This past week (and the next one) has been spent talking.
To 8th graders.
6 groups a day,
About Diaries, letters and recollections of those that traveled the Oregon/California trails.
A subject I truly love.
That said, My throat is sore from overuse!!
By the coming Friday I shall not be able to do more than whisper at this rate.

In spite of all that talking 
I have managed to a bit of stitching.

I'm all caught up on the Granny Squares for Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
The colors look better in person, sigh.
I also made a mat for under Jill the Janome.
I didn't make this one as fancy as the other 
I didn't add the small front pockets on it as I never use them on Belle's mat.

So that's three things from that terribly long list!
I've worked on Nora's Stocking most days 
Scanned in more photos most days 
Worked on Family History most days.
All in all a pretty productive week.


Sylvia said...

Nice granny squares blocks! I know what you mean about the talking, I had to get used to it when I was a school librarian. It's great that you're teaching young people about their history.

Janice said...

It must be fun telling the kids all about history. I hope they can take something from it. Good on you for finishing your blocks. I haven't started my April ones yet. It will happen in good time.

Chookyblue...... said...

So special that you can share your knowledge ........