Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Another week

Since I last posted.
Busy cleaning,
watching Little League games,
moaning about the icky weather.

The cleaning will never be done-
A couple of times a year I try to really deeply clean everything.
I've been in this house over a year now
haven't done it once.
Not making much progress either.
Oh, well.
It's still going to be there.

I have managed to stretch all my muscles four of the last six days.
Which is real progress.
The key seems to be doing it first thing after breakie, 
before I get started on something else.

The weather has come around some.
So Quinn and I are managing a walk most days as well.

I'm working on some menu plans.
I find cooking for one quite a challenge.
Plus there's the whole healthy diet thing.
Which by the way comes at a cost.
I don't mean financial either-although that's true as well.
It comes at the cost of joy.
I love to bake but all this weight loss, 
healthy diet stuff has taken all the joy out of it.
Well, out of any cooking really.
And replaced it with guilt.
I wonder if any of the weight loss gurus realize this.

I've spent a lot of my evenings cross-stitching.
Nora's sock is coming along!

In fact I'll be beginning the backstitching soon.

I've finished two blocks for Tanya's black and gold quilt.
Only 40 more to go!

Gold has turned out to be tricky.
A large piece can read gold and look yellow once it's cut.
Still I think it will be a stunning quilt when finished.


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a good yarn said...

Wow, Nora’s stocking has really come along. I don’t diet any more; threw out the scales and didn’t replace them. I don’t like food to be a punishment. You’re right about gold colours fabric but those blocks look good. I haven’t seen much (hardly anything) as I’ve been distracted by family history stuff. And work. Lots of it. Sigh.