Sunday, April 1, 2018

Looking back-looking forward

Looking back over March at my progress on the Intentions list.
Results are mixed.
Some things are nearly habits,
 Still it lifts my spirits to see all those little checks!
Others, I manage part of the time.
Many, I never manage, sigh.
Looking at April.
I'll attempt to add a few more this month.
In reality I know that I will NEVER do all of them EVERY day.
That's okay.
I try not to beat myself up about things.
I can be my own worst enemy!

In the stitching area.
I was productive.
That said I didn't manage to get to everything on my goal list.
Again, I don't really expect to.
I keep a list so that I don't even have to THINK about what to do next.
Keep that in mind.

Here's the LIST for April:
Finish G2
Finish the machine mat for Jill the Janome.
Piece (at least) Tanya's Black and Gold quilt
Make 8 (that's 2 a week) Civil War Letters blocks. (Foundation pieced?)
Make 8 tumbler sets for RSC-this one depends on my having enough yellow/gold.
Make 2 Granny blocks for RSC 
Catch up Granny blocks-blue and purple.
Keep making 9 patches for RSC-leader/ender
Begin Steve's Dragon
15 minute projects:
Missouri Puzzle hand quilting WISP
Civil War Sampler blocks WISP
Add hexes (2 a day) to Gail's Wildflower Garden WISP
Kindle bag

Cross-stitch- Nora's Stocking

Dollhouse-exterior and roof

With all those on my list I should also say that for the next two weeks
I will be giving talks on Oregon/California Trail Diaries, Letters and Recollections to
8th graders at the trails museum.
  6 groups a day for 8 days!
Poor Quinn.
She'll be alone a lot.
Will need much "Mom" time!

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Janice said...

I’m tired just reading your list. If you get half of it done you will have done exceptionally well. Have fun attempting them all.