Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wanderings in Cyberspace

I should really take a photo of my table.  All the papers, notebooks and electronics necessary to paying the bills!  Today's took quite a while longer as I had to locate and set up the web addresses and add accounts for several bills.  This is the first month I've had bills for all of the normal stuff-although there are still some missing, ugh.  Just when I felt things were coming together my laptop decided it couldn't go on with being charged!  So while the charging was ongoing I wandered into the grocery store.  Second one in as many days.  It's odd that a move of no more than 20 miles should create such a lack of goods for sale!  I'll be in Independence tomorrow so I guess I'll drop off at my old store to pick up some smoked ham hocks.  Have you ever tried to purchase hot dogs, smoked sausages etc that don't contain either sugar or corn syrup? Why do those need to be sweetened?  I've spent a lot of time trying to find some without success.  I did finally get all the available bills paid today, the rest will have to wait until next week-I can not deal with this anymore often!  Then I ordered a month (at least) of the Washington Post for some news.  I find tv and internet media too incendiary, biased and arbitrary.  Sure the Post is biased in some ways-we all are.  I'm intending to try the New York Times as well.  The Kansas City paper is a joke.  So much wandering, so much confusion, all without leaving home.

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a good yarn said...

Smoked ham hocks are a real favourite in our house. We use them to make soup. It's frightening just how many Hingis have sugar in them and how much!