Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Creativity and other doings

 I've been busy, sort of, in the studio the past few days.  My vision is still functional but fuzzy and as the day goes on it gets worse!  I have found tricks that make it possible for me to cut fabric-like these strips.  The colored strips are from a jelly roll that I'm combining with white for an "H" quilt.  (Hickam being my maiden name I like "H's"!) 

I've finished sewing the second rag top together and have it on the table to clip.  I may have to bring in the magnifying lamp to ensure that I do not clip into the seams!

Today, I've been working on these snowball blocks.  Just feeding them through is fairly simple!

Then there's the OOPS of the week.  I'm blaming it on the fuzzy but functional eyesight!  The leg without the wheel should be under the handle on the right!  Will have to fix that before I use the grill.

On Saturday the family was over to celebrate Beth and Lucas's birthdays, all 12 of us!  The food was pretty good, if I do say so, but the best part?  We pushed the big trestle table over set up a folding table next to it and all 12 sat around the same table!  Without moving any other furniture! (To do that in the other house the guys would move all the couches etc out of the living room into the kitchen then move the trestle table to the living room and set up a folding table. It was always cramped.)  I love this house!

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a good yarn said...

How marvellous to have all the family around the table like that. Sorry, but I had a little chuckle over the BBQ - same thing happened here but we couldn't blame it fuzzy eyesight. I'm looking forward to seeing your H quilt. Are the colours significant?