Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Creative Tuesdays-One

Left to Right, Saguaro National Monument, Monument Valley Navajo Nation, and Cedar Breaks National Monument
When I travel I often pick up postcards.  
Sometimes I mail them to the Grands
 but some I buy because I could never get a photo as good!
This year the National Parks were selling some vintage style postcards which I especially liked
but what to do with them?
Since I had the posters 
I decided that I would add the postcards mounted on black paper in black frames.
I like them.

The five in the large frame are of the Grand Canyon, the others-Top Moonrise over the Mittens, Monument Valley Navajo Nation and Moki Dugway (Why didn't someone warn me?)
The seven above where from my 2011 trip to California.

Top left-Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park, Top right Montana and Glacier National Park.
The bottom two posters are from long ago trips.
These are all hanging in the Guest bedroom.
I can only hope that they are straight!
The vision is still fuzzy enough that I can't tell.
At some point I may look at them and think I was crazy to ever think they were level.

My knitting.
Very simple
300 stitches on the needles I think.
I'm about a quarter of the way finished.

Flannel Rag quilt-Kolby.
Beth asked me to make the boys new quilts last year.
I did get started but they've been one problem after another.
I made them each a rag quilt from flannels before and I don't remember
having such a hard time.
The flannel slipped and slid while cutting,
Slipped and slid while quilting exposing the batting.

I'm having to cut away batting from the seams.
Really hope it won't show at all after I wash it.
I should get the rest clipped tonight.
Brayden's will begin block quilting tomorrow 
and be ready for clipping next week. 
I hope.
I will never make these again!

Now for a story.
For Quinn's 2nd Christmas (2012) I bought her this ball.

You put treats in it.
Then she is supposed to try and roll the ball to get them out.
She has never been the least bit interested in it.
Until today.
I unpacked the rest of her toys-the ones she never, ever plays with.
Apparently, this still had some treats in it.
She has probably spent an hour with it this afternoon!

And managed to retrieve several refills!
Wonder if she'll play with it tomorrow or if it will be five years!

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a good yarn said...

I watched a doggy show once that recommended rotating a pet's toys. Quinn looks like she's enjoying this one - especially if there are treats inside. The framed postcards are a fantastic idea! The flannel quilts look good. I've always had trouble sewing flannel. Koby is going to love it!