Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reprise: Of paint, floors and windows

Remember when I said I'd be sore?  I am.  My arms hurt so much last night that a pain pill was taken.  The FLOORS are done!  Man, does it feel good to say that.  It felt even better to mark that off the list.    They will never be shiny, I don't have a floor polisher, but the wax sinks deep into the wood (these floors are in horrible shape) and fills in some of the holes and leaves behind a hard surface that doesn't store dirt.  If it weren't for that I might not have done it.  A second coat would be lovely but not happening!

The cabinet sections are ready to come upstairs, but the drawer fronts still need paint.  That one comes off the list by Saturday!  As well as the touch up painting and windows.

With the cleaning as I re-set the furniture from the floor project my lists will be almost done.

I have decided to move the hutch and two bookcases back into the end of the living room.  I moved them out last year for painting and to make the room look larger but I HATE it.  People looking at my house will just have to imagine the room without them--I still live here and I'm tired of being without some of my things.  Also, I'll be re-hanging the shelves over the new cabinet, taken down in order to put the hutch there and two of the spice shelves I took down.  Again, I live here!

The studio has stayed clean, wonder of wonder, but that's probably because I haven't been working on anything much.  Once the cleaning is finished I'm going to spend a whole day binge watching movies and sewing.  Can't wait!

I'm off to IKEA for more bookshelves-I have a lot of books! The counter top for the new cabinets and some assorted things, some of which I don't have on my list!  I always do that at IKEA!

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a good yarn said...

Gee whiz Gail you are storming along there with the jobs. If I didn't have to move an awful lot of heavy furniture I'd be painting my bedroom. Which desperately needs to be done.for now I'm making do with cleaning out the drawers and reducing the weight/contents. Knowing how much prep workmen required pits me off as well.