Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting it done-nearly back to normal.

Last week I worked really hard at getting stuff done from the list.  All the big heavy stuff is done!  I do have to finish the cabinet in the kitchen but am waiting on the new power tools I'm buying to get here.  Larry had a bunch of tools but most need to be replaced now.  I do quite a bit of woodworking and home decor and I want to try some pallet furniture next summer.  I believe in quality tools-they make a job so much easier whether is setting a screw for sewing a seam.  The trouble with working hard is that I am worn out.

The hutch and bookcases are back in the living room, filling the end wall.  As soon as that is looking decent I'll post a photo.  I had Brayden and Kolby on Friday as they were out of school so I put them to work adding books to the shelves.  They had two totes of children's books to unload and I showed them the two shelves I wanted them on--they had other ideas.  I had to smile when I heard them organizing the books.  "Let's put all the Christmas/holiday books here.  This one's poetry put it with the other poetry.  Gift Horse, my favorite, I want to put it here so I can find it fast."  In the end they had used three shelves, although one had only two books.  I'll be rearranging things this week!  The boys also helped be get the rug back down and under the sofa.  They'd have done more but I ran out of steam.

A trip to IKEA netted me two "Billy" bookcases for the office and I have them put together and in the room but the shelves are not in and there are no books on it yet.  I also picked up a table top to use for the top of the cabinet I'm adding in the kitchen.  I intended to cut it down width wise but now that I have it resting on the cabinets I really like the size-a really great work space.  I will have to build a spacer for the back of the cabinets, though.  Got a couple of there little things as well, that place is dangerous!  It's a good thing I only go occasionally!

The house (except my office which is buried) got cleaned up for Rob's birthday party today.  He picked the menu:  Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, watergate salad, veggie nibbles, apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.  Easy and yummy! Everyone was here except my California crew, we always enjoy getting together and seeing Ryan is a treat.

Now I've to clean up the kitchen a bit, mostly put away the leftovers-what few there were. I will do the dishes tomorrow.  I think the dishwasher may have quit today-there was an odd smell and the water didn't all drain out!  I just replaced the garbage disposal and the kitchen light.  What will break next?

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a good yarn said...

You are making terrific progress! My plans have been derailed by a heavy load at work and converging deadlines. Picking little jobs to do. The birthday dinner sounded delicious. Apple Crisp - yum! I bet Ryan is a real cutie.