Friday, October 30, 2015

New Toys

The new toys, I mean tools, came!

I'm not quite sure about the impact driver and the light but otherwise they are awesome! There's a circular saw-which I have needed more time than I can even list-an oscillating saw and a drill.  All cordless and all fit in the bag they sent along with the tools. Now to get sawdust on some of them tomorrow!  I plan to build the spacer for the new cabinet tomorrow.  If I decide to paint it in the kitchen I might install it-it's oil based paint and I'm a messy painter so I haven't decided.  Most likely I will as I can put the drawer pulls on and load the cabinet.  That will help get things back in order in the kitchen-never an easy thing for me.

I went out today and ordered a new dishwasher-it will be two weeks before it gets to the store and then they will set up installation.  I could do without one if I wasn't selling the house.  I don't have many dishes most of the time.  While I was there I ordered the measurements for the door between the house and the garage.  For it to be code it has to be a fire door and because my basement has only 7 foot ceilings (instead of the 8 foot now standard and for which doors are made) the door has to be custom made.  That wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be.  The door is the last big improvement I need to make before listing the house.  I am plodding along on the small, actually tiny, things everyday.  When I looked at the schedule for next week and the following I have days where there is nothing!

Last night I sewed on the blocks for the Chookyblue swap, tonight I should get them all sewn,  trimmed, and up on the design wall.  Things are looking up!

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