Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Eyes

Most of my life I've been four-eyes-two of my own and two lenses on my glasses.  Couldn't see my feet clearly.  Now, I am only three eyes!  The left eye post cataract surgery doesn't need a lens as it sees more clearly alone than the right eye does with glasses. (You just pop out a lens and you're good to go.)  It is still blurry and the reading distance is not real good but my brain has to learn to see again now.  The docs said my vision was better than expected at 1 day out but they also say it could be several months before my eyes and brain get it totally together!  Next Monday I'll have the right eye done and I'll have no need for glasses at all!  I was nervous about the left eye as one of the major concerns is that it will cause a retinal tear and since I have had one in that eye I was more at risk but everything went smoothly and recovery has been easy.  The only restrictions being not to lift over 20 pounds for a week and not to bend at the waist (or at least not head below the waist.)

I've been sewing and working on little tweeks to the house for the past week.  Napping etc.

Today, I dusted and vacuumed did the laundry and changed the sheets. All normal Monday events.
Tidying up so I could dust and vacuum did take a bit of time but all in all things are good.

I've nearly finished one flannel rag quilt for one of the grandsons.  Another is cut but will need trimmed and batt cut before I begin that (tomorrow).  I've done some knitting on a shawl I bought the yarn for in Dillon, MT.  Photos on those creative things tomorrow!

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a good yarn said...

That's great news about your eye operation. Isn't marvellous what they can do? Looking forward to seeing the progress on your projects.